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A collection of all my best work, both 3D and 2D.

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Dragon Head Sculpts

My first experience of 3D modelling was with Sculptris, so it felt good to get back to my very earliest 3D roots.

After spending so much time hard-surface modelling, I found the entire process of sculpting and painting quite theraputic.  First off, I modeled a Dov, from Skyrim.


This was my first time actually painting anything I’d sculpted before. Though the painting in sculptris in very basic I was only going for a cartoon style anyway, so it worked out.


I managed to export the model and UVs into Cinema 4D and rendered the model in there.

After seeing the sucess of that, I wanted to try another, this time slightly more complex. Using the same processes I decided to model Smaug from The Hobbit.

Smaug Final 1Smaug Final 2Smaug Final 3Smaug Final 4

A much higher quality model and textures lead to more realistic looking surfaces. Again, I was going for a simple cartoon style.

Smaug Notex.png

Sculpting is just something really nice to do every so often when I might get bored of hard-surface modelling.