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Animation Test


Just a very short test experimenting with After Affects. I aimed for my animation to more replicate the image as my blog header. I’ll get there with some more time with the program.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 14.43.47



Game Concept Presentation – Evaluation

Well, that went better than expected. I managed to explain my concept fluidly enough for people to understand, and even though I hadn’t got all the information I wanted out, I managed to explain the rest of my concept well through some excellent questions I received. People seemed to like my renders alot too, which is good because I relied on them heavily to uphold my ideas. Basically, it went great, way better than I’d imagined.

The next step is to present even more visual examples of my game through a 3D environment. I plan on creating an industrial warehouse or loading bay set for my game. We’ll see how that goes, I guess.

UPGRADE – Game Concept

Upgrade Logo LargeThe aftermath of a colossal war between superpowers has left humanity in a rather desperate state. During this war, 77% of life on earth has been destroyed. The excessive use of chemical, biological and nuclear weaponry has rendered the majority of the planet’s surface uninhabitable by normal means, and any surviving human population resides mostly underground in military complexes. Even in the face of it’s own destruction humanity continues this war, each side blaming the other for the desertification of the planet. However, when human beings are in such short supply, the war must be fought by other means…

The marvels of a new brutal technology provide the answer.Upgrade_StandardYou take control of a robotic hybrid designed for war, a heavy machine built to destroy most anything in its path. The design of this particular unit takes on a similar appearance to a gorilla; tank enough to upturn a bus, and maneuverable enough to swing from rafters for a vertical take down.


Upgrade is a sci-fi, 3rd person action/puzzle game set to release on PC and Xbox One arcade. The basic game concept revolves around you the player, taking advantage of the in-game environment and enemies to upgrade and improve your character abilities. Upgrade features an aspect of puzzle solving using physics, player upgrades and the ability to manipulate the environment. The player can choose to overcome an obstacle however they seem fit.

The game is aimed at anyone who enjoys 3rd person fast action games and people who enjoy 3D puzzle games. The action portion of the game is generally fast-paced combat with use of verticality and platforming. The use of different upgrades obtained throughout the level change the gameplay style to the choice of the player, while the puzzle sections may require you to use certain upgrades and in the process teaching the player of the different upgrade mechanics and how to use them.

Upgrade_Items_1               An example of an upgrade obtained from an automatic turret.

As you can see, the game is in 3D and the models and textures for the game have been created using various simple techniques Cinema 4D. The models and textures are very simple on purpose to create the game visual style. This scene was rendered in Cinema 4D using anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, global illumination and then finally edited in Paint.NET. Of course during a real-time rendering situation the graphical quality is going to be lower, but will still retain the same simple and sharp style.


The game visual style is the thing I focused the most during the initial development stages. The game visuals focus on creating a harmony between dark and light palettes/colors, while creating enough bright and ‘loud’ colors to help the player focus on important objects, such as threats, environmental objects and items. The game assets are generally leaned towards low-polygon, not only for a visual style, but for more engine resources to focus on sharers and pure quantity of on-screen models. Each model and texture works with each-other on a larger visual scale, creating a very stylized and unique gameplay experience.

I used certain color palettes to create a visual style through different lighting environments. The color red is almost always present, as the player learns that entities in red often require attention.

An example of palettes used for bright environments, and a palette for dark environments.



Upgrade’s main focus is of course, upgrades. Upgrades can be obtained in two ways; The first way to find them is to scout them out scattered around the environment. This way however is normally not useful as they are rarely presented without a challenge, and they do not appear often in the first place. The second way is the more frequently used and the more dangerous; deconstructing enemies.

Enemies are very varied in Upgrade, ranging from simple automatic turrets, to shielded tanks, to super-nimble drones. Each enemy deconstruction drops a certain upgrade that is attributed to that specific enemy type, and can be used by the player to take on that ability (to a certain extent). This creates an interesting scenario in which the player, depending on the preferred play-style, needs to choose which enemies to destroy, and which enemies to isolate and deconstruct.

Deconstruction in Upgrade is a process in which the player is vulnerable to enemy attack as the character equips the upgrade. Upgrades/enemies take longer to equip/deconstruct depending on the power of the upgrade received.Upgrade_Turret_1                     An automatic turret, one of the simplest enemies in Upgrade.

Upgrade_Turret              The player upgraded with said automatic turret.

The character wasn’t designed to look like a gorilla for no reason, either. The player is able to achieve many different degrees of movement through an environment by climbing, high jumping and swinging from objects. This allows the gameplay and the player to focus on a whole 3 dimensions, adding more variety. Of course, certain ‘heavy’ upgrades prevent certain aspects of movement to keep the game balanced. For example, the heavy shield upgrade prevents any sort of high jump due it its energy cost.

Upgrade_Shield_1_Fix              The player upgraded with a heavy shield from a ‘Shield Tank’


The initial target platform for this game is through Steam, however depending on how successful the game is the goal is to release on Xbox One arcade. The game isn’t big or extensive enough to warrant a hard copy, and digital downloads allow the game to reach a wider audience.  The game isn’t going to feature many human characters or NPCs simply due to the lore, so any racial or sexual discrimination can be easily avoided. The game won’t feature any gore or dismemberment due to it clashing with the simplistic art style, so I expect the game to be rated at most, M for mature.