Graphic Narrative – Various Considerations


Luckily for me, I have all the resources I need to start production on my graphic narrative. However, if I were to take a more professional approach to this, I would considering acquiring the following;

  • WACOM Intuos “7 graphics tablet – £57.00
  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator – £191.00

This would allow me to create more professional seeming artwork for the comic, as opposed to using standard mouse and Paint.NET.

Audience/Target Market

Pacific Steel aims to take advantage over what is currently popular in the media markets.

The setting of Pacific Steel takes place in the Pacific Ocean, 1941. Unsurprisingly that period of time (1941-1945) remains a relevant subject in the minds of the public, especially in America. The war in the Pacific Ocean has lead to countless game, film and novel adaptations, notably;

Midway (1976) (43.2 million USD)


Pearl Harbour (2001) 449.2 million USD


And an upcoming film ‘Greyhound’, in which Tom Hanks plays the role of a Destroyer captain in the Pacific Ocean.

This era of history is hardly restricted to adaptations in film, however-

War Stories (Sales data unknown, but it must have been good to warrant 4 series and 11 issues)


Considering the successes of these older films, and how currently popular titles such as World of Warships are, it’s clear to see that Pacific Steel could follow the chain of success. Especially when it’s presented in the incredibly popular comic book medium.


Comic book sales are on the rise, and look to be come increasingly popular in the future due to the immense popularity of superhero movie genre.


Should the worst happen and I’m unable to draw up the artwork for the comic in time, I will use the ported 3D models I’ve been using as reference images and use various post-processing effects in Paint.NET and apply a toon shader to them. This is a very quick way of getting the desired comic-book effect, but doesn’t look nearly as good as the hand-drawn method.

Post Production/Delivery 

My graphic narrative will be delivered digitally, accessed through the Pacific Steel website, where the game is also situated. Putting the comic book online ensures that everyone who has access to the game Pacific Steel, will also have access to the comic book series. Many incredibly popular games such as Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch have a running online comic book series.

Releasing online also removes extra costs associated with physical materials, printing and transportation.


Both aspects of Pacific Steel, the historical setting and comic book medium, are incredibly popular with the public. Taking the action and stories that happened throughout World War II, and combining it with the release of a mobile game (see market research here)  I feel that Pacific Steel will appeal to people of all ages and interests. More importantly, creating Pacific Steel for a comic book will allow for as much consumer exposure as possible. With this information, I could produce Pacific Steel knowing that it has the best chance of being a success.



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