Graphic Narrative – Storyboard

I think I can better convey my idea through words rather than drawings, so I decided to set out my storyboard like this. It’s aimed less at action/story and more at impactful atmosphere and visuals. The storyboard also takes into account any animation that might be present, just to help me remember.



The setting is 1941. It’s night, over a dark ocean. A lone American Gunboat, USS Erie is on patrol as it glides silently through the calm sea. The only lights are the moon, and few lights atop the Gunboat’s mast and lights from the windows.

The camera moves to a bow shot of the Erie, the displaced water sprays from the bow. The camera switches to a view of the Bridge interior. The small room is filled with warm light and the ship sways gently from side-to-side in the waves. On the control stands and boards a collection of instruments and dials display various information.

The camera moves over to a shot of a radar scanner. It’s green arm rotating on a circular screen. The radar does 2 rotations, and on the 3rd rotation appears 2 dots.

The camera switches to a binocular view. The binoculars zoom in from the bridge window and view the shape of two approaching Japanese fighter aircraft. Alarms and sirens wail. The warm-orange light of the bridge is replaced with menacing red flashes.

A spotlight on the ship’s deck is turned on, and the two approaching aircraft are illuminated against the dark night.

The camera cuts to a shot of an Anti-Aircraft gun firing, it’s muzzle-flashes lighting up the deck of the ship.

Cut to a side-shot the two Japanese aircraft flying beside eachother. Tracer rounds fly past them. A few rounds hit the furthest aircraft.

The camera cuts to a front-on view of the approaching aircraft. The furthest plane has exploded into a fireball in the night sky, but the second plane continues to speed towards the Erie.

Another side-shot of the incoming plane. The camera quickly pans down to see the aircraft drop it’s torpedo. The torpedo is then released.  Tracers from the Erie continue to fly past.

The camera cuts to the deck of the Erie, looking up towards the mast. The Anti-Aircraft guns fire at the speeding aircraft, but to no avail. The Japanese plane soars over the mast and escapes. There is silence for a few seconds, until a new, different alarm sounds.

The camera moves to view a top-down angle of the black waters, and through it moves the white tail of a Torpedo.

The camera cuts back to the bridge, looking from where the captain would stand at the wheel. The ship’s wheel is turning fast, and the bearing gauge on the wall rotates as the ship turns tightly.

The Alarm slowly starts to quicken, as does the flashing light on the bridge. The camera cuts to a final view of the ship. The Erie is turning hard, but the torpedo is on course for a direct hit. As the alarm reaches it’s apex and the torpedo is about the strike the Erie, the screen fades to black. And ‘TO BE CONTINUED’ is shown in white text, and slowly fades, this concluding the video.


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