Pacific Steel: Market Research

Pacific Steel aims to take advantage over what is currently popular in the game market, combining existing popular  concepts together to create an original game.

The setting of Pacific Steel takes place in the Pacific Ocean, 1941. Unsurprisingly that period of time (1941-1945) remains a relevant subject in the minds of the public, especially in America. The war in the Pacific Ocean has lead to countless game and film adaptations, notably;

Midway (1976) (43.2 million USD)


Pearl Harbour (2001) 449.2 million USD














 Otoko-tachi no Yamato/Men of the Yamato (2005) 48.6 Million USD or 5 Billion Yen


And an upcoming film ‘Greyhound’, in which Tom Hanks plays the role of a Destroyer captain in the Pacific Ocean.

Considering the production of this new film, the successes of these older films, and how currently popular World of Warships is, it’s clear to see that this genre/type of game could follow the chain of success. Especially when it’s coupled with yet another incredibly popular genre of game.

Resource Management/Base Building/Strategy games have recently taken over the mobile game market with their addicting gameplay. Some notable examples include:

Clash of Clans (29.3 million Downloads)


FarmVille: Tropic Escape (95.6 thousand Downloads)img_9299

Boom Beach (4.5 million Downloads)


Battle Islands (128.2 Thousand Downloads)


Mobile games have become exceedingly popular in recent years, with a massive spike in mobile game usage/interest:




Both aspects of Pacific Steel, the historical battles and base building aspects, are incredibly popular with the public. Using a stylised non-realistic graphical style, and combining it with historical accuracy I feel that Pacific Steel will appeal to people of all ages and interests. More importantly, developing Pacific Steel for a mobile device will allow for as much consumer exposure as possible. With this information, I could produce Pacific Steel knowing that it has the best chance of being a success.


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