Various things I’ve learned last year

Last year I somehow managed to learn-

  • The fundamentals of 3D objects; polygons, vertex, edges etc.
  • How to use various techniques in CINEMA 4D
  • How to use Google Drive and cloud storage effectively
  • The vague workings of HTML
  • How to use simple techniques in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition
  • The properties of sound, and how sound is stored and the resulting side-effects
  • How to use WordPress and develop a ramshackle website
  • How to cooperate semi-effectively within a group
  • How to capture, edit and import sounds for a project
  • The surprising difficulty of using a Go-Pro, and the surprising quality of an iPhone camera
  • How to make a visually engaging Power-point presentation
  • How to use schematics and technical drawings to produce accurate models
  • The legal, ethical and financial aspects of game development
  • How to design a game concept and how to present it in front of an audience
  • The basic use of an expensive CANNON Camera
  • How to create a simple and effective visual design
  • How to organise and carry through a project template
  • How to work to a clients specifications and conduct client interviews
  • Primary and Secondary research, or something like that
  • Vertical and Horizontal intergeneration, I think…
  •  How to render an animation sequence using thousands of PNGs
  • Quantitative and Qualitative research?
  • How to record sounds
  • How to make, but not the definition of Motion Graphics
  • Company structures
  • Planning and preparation skills

But we all know that next year I’ll completely forget all of these.


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