Updated SWOT Analysis*

Here is a simple SWOT analysis for myself, regarding 3D art. I created this last year, and since then nothing has really changed.


  • Technical knowledge on many digital art subjects
  • I’m eager and willing to contribute to a team effort
  • I’ve a very sharp eye for detail and enjoy getting my work to a high standard
  • Artistically inclined
  • Working knowledge of game engines and technical possibilities/limitations


  • I’m often poor with organisation
  • I’ve only experience with a few 3D modelling programs
  • I’m often poor at interpreting instructions correctly
  • I’ve limited skill with texturing objects
  • I’m not the best at social interactions/communications


  • I can use my artistic background to enhance my work and the work of others
  • I’m uniquely experienced in designing and modelling of mechanical objects
  • I’ve still got a lot to learn and am not yet ‘set in my ways’ with any particular method/practice


  • My quest for perfection can lead to me never finishing a project
  • My lack of professional experience
  • I haven’t enough money to afford any expensive programs
  • My emotional state may fluctuate, resulting in dips/rises in productivity



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