Upgrade – Game Document

Design Document for:


All work by Benjamin Halling

 Written by Benjamin Halling

 Version # 1.00

 Date: 10th November 2015


 A colossal war between continental superpowers has left planet Earth in a desperate state. The widespread use of chemical and nuclear weaponry has all but obliterated life on the surface, and any human life that remains resides hundreds of miles beneath the surface in sprawling underground complexes.

Even in the face of its own extinction, humans continue to fight one-another for the dwindling natural resources beneath the earth, however with humans in such short supply, the war must be fought by other means.

The marvels of technology provide these means.

Game Overview


Upgrade is game that combines various elements from other titles in an attempt to create something unique, and more importantly fun to play. I wanted to create something that defies genre, as Upgrade combines platforming, action, puzzle and strategy.

Overall, Upgrade is a game that creates incentive and context for the player to perform actions. The enemies aren’t just an obstacle blocking your path, but are critical to your progression, favored play style and eventual victory. Upgrade creates situations that demand player choice on how they approach obstacles based on the resources available to them.

What Platform?

Upgrade will run on the Xbox One, and PC, it will be available for digital download through the Xbox One Arcade and Steam. The reasons for this being wanting Upgrade to be as easily accessible to as many players as possible, and both Steam and Xbox provide easy to access systems for small companies to publish their games.

The action portion of the game is generally fast-paced combat with use of verticality and platforming. The use of different upgrades obtained throughout the level change the gameplay style to the choice of the player.

Why create this game?

Upgrade is my contribution to the game community by providing something unique and original. I really wanted to create a feeling of context and incentive within players to destroy enemies, without the obligatory generic ‘kill bad guys’ objective.

I wanted to inject some originality with concepts that have yet to be fully explored in the modern mainstream industry, such as action puzzle solving with the likes of Half-Life 2, and fast paced platforming and sense of direction as Mirror’s Edge.

Where does this game take place?

With the surface of the world scorched and irradiated, Upgrade takes place (mostly) in the labyrinthine underground human colonies. Players will be exploring industrial facilities and complexes, using the slightly abstract environments to push your way to the surface and achieve your freedom.

What do I control?

You take control of a robotic hybrid designed for war, simply known as Unit-07. 07 is a heavy machine built to destroy most anything in its path. The design of this particular unit takes on a similar appearance to a large gorilla. 07 is tank enough to upturn a bus, and maneuverable enough to swing from rafters for a vertical take down.

What is the main focus?

The main focus in upgrade is to (unsurprisingly) upgrade your character through destroying enemies, and thus changing the way the game plays and reacts.

What’s the unique selling point?

The unique selling point about Upgrade is its uniqueness as a whole. Its appeal is also that of playing the game however the player chooses, but it’s also that the choice of play is directly influenced by what enemies are present. Combinations of platforming, action, puzzle and strategy I’m hoping will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Feature Set

General Features



Game style choice/customisation

3D, 3rd person gameplay

Stylised graphics



Upgrades and Unlocks

3rd Person Shooting

Movement Pace and speed.

Enemy variety

Dynamic Environments

The Game World

World Feature .1

The main world feature in Upgrade is how the player moves through it. Upgrade creates situations in which the player is required to think about how to traverse an environment depending on their currently equipped upgrade. Movement throughout some of the environments often includes puzzle elements.

World Feature .2

Another large portion of Upgrades’ world is its adaptability. Based on your current level and equipped upgrade, the game may spawn certain enemies specifically to counter it. This creates an interesting player-enemy relationship in which the player decides what foes he/she is to face, while at the same time providing freedom of choice.

The Physical World


The physical world of Upgrade mostly consists of industrial facilities and platforms; with large action sections broken up by smaller puzzle-based environments and tall vertical climb sections in your effort to reach the surface.

Key Locations

There is no real key location in Upgrade apart from the final surface portion of the game.


The player moves through Upgrade mostly via platforming and swift movement enabled by various environment pieces or upgrades.


As far as gameplay, Upgrade doesn’t present any truly large scale, as the game is built around fast paced action contained in smaller more densely populated environments. Huge scale is used purely visually however, especially in the later portions of the game as you reach the surface. The player will be able to observe large open landscapes and portions of the facility, but may not have physical access to these parts.


There are many, many different objects and pieces that make up Upgrade, most of them are purely cosmetic, (crates, barrels, canisters, pipes etc.) but a lot of objects can be used to the players’ advantage and disadvantage.

There are the main objects that are almost essential to the player, such as health charger stations, energy capsules, and of course Upgrades, and certain objects may also be used by the player to interact with the environment or solve puzzles.

The World Layout


The current rendition of the environment in Upgrade is based on an industrial loading warehouse, with small and compact areas designed for fast-paced action and movement.

The environment is constructed in a way that provides a clear picture of what is, and what is not accessible to players to interact with. The red bars provide indications of movement over platforms and obstacles.

The World Layout Detail

Final 2

Color coordination is important in Upgrade, and this render of the environment provides the insight onto how it works.

Game Characters


Unit 00 – Unit 00 is an antagonist/become protagonist and the mainframe artificial intelligence that maintains the human facility. With a shortage of human workers, humans create a powerful A.I to run tasks normally assigned to a living workforce. 00 is almost omnipresent within the facility, and can take control of most mechanical objects remotely.

Unit 07 – Unit 07 is the main protagonist of the game and the character you play as. Unit is a robotic/biological hybrid created from a Gorilla. 07 is very adaptable to its environment, and can take advantage of other technologies in order to upgrade itself. 07 was recently used for testing a new self-awareness augmentation, and upon learning of itself and its purpose 07 has a gone rogue in its attempt to escape the facility.

Creating a Character

The player cannot alter Unit 07’s appearance in the customization sense, but certain upgrades and perks will change how 07 looks.

Enemies and obstacles

Drone – Drones are small airborne units that the player will encounter early on in the game. They are fairly weak and slow moving, but have the advantage of flight and always being able to peruse the player. Some Drones are equipped with light machine guns, and some even carry shields, which makes them a diverse enemy to face. A Drone is required to obtain the Boost Pack, or the ‘Repeater’ Machine Gun upgrade.

Seeker – A Seeker is a humanoid unit with extremely advanced optics. Seekers are more than often deployed with long-range rifles, and use their superior vision and perception to destroy targets. Seekers have the advantage of ranged attacks and slim profile, but all those fancy optics and sensors come with a bright lens flare, so they are easy to spot. A seeker is required to obtain the ‘Long Lance’ Rifle upgrade.

 Phalanx – A Phalanx is a heavy-duty unit that was deployed en mass during human riots. Phalanxes carry with them impenetrable shields they use to ward off attacks, and use heavy machine guns to engage enemies with. While being nearly invincible from the front using their shields, Phalanxes are surprisingly weak from their back more unarmored parts. A Phalanx is required to obtain the Heavy Shield upgrade.

Spider Tank – Spider Tanks are among the biggest, most challenging enemies you will face in Upgrade. Spider Tanks are 8-legged units that carry upon them a giant long-range cannon that is capable of destroying the player in a single shot. Spider tanks are also surprisingly maneuverable for their size, using their legs to easily traverse any environment and even cling to walls and ceilings. Spider Tanks employ the shields of the Phalanxes to cover certain areas, so the player must work on out-maneuvering the tank to hit its weakspots, as outgunning it is rather out of the question.

User Interface


The GUI in upgrade is designed with simplicity in mind. All the interfaces, including the main menu, HUD and inventory screens will reflect the artistic style of game, providing minimalistic and clean visuals, only displaying the most vital information as to not draw the player away from the actual game.

User Interface Detail .1

Upgrade HUD

An example of what the HUD will look like, I want it to just sit quietly on the screen while you play. The white bar at the bottom represents your hitpoints, the blue represents your energy, and the white box displays your currently equipped upgrade.

Musical Scores and Sound Effects


The game will sound raw and industrial. I want sounds to echo around the metallic environments, and objects to feel weighty and physical when impacted. The game will be populated with 100s of unique sounds, with all enemies and objects having their own individual sound profile. Many sound effects will be used to inform the player of events happening around him/her, such as health or energy indicators.

Sound Effects

In Upgrade, I want almost everything to produce some sort of sound or ambient noise. The player will be able to hear the whirring mechanics of Unit 07 as it moves, and feel the heavy steps of its hands and feet as it walks across the metallic surfaces. The sounds need to feel physical to give the objects in the game a real sense of space in the environment. The sounds for the enemies will be varies depending on what they are. In the lore most of the enemies you will encounter are biomechanical, so the sounds they produce will have to be a mixture of digital, animal, and mechanical noises.

Dialogue or Voiceover

The game won’t feature many human characters, so any specific lines to voice won’t be present. However when human enemies are introduced, they need to have human voices for simple actions such as shouts and screams.


The music in Upgrade will be most all digital, most of them providing more of an atmosphere to the game rather than being too pronounced. The soundtracks that do pronounce themselves however will be strongly centered on a beat that reflects the pace of the environment. Strong, heavy and industrial scores will narrate the experience when it comes to the most frantic parts of the game.

Overall Sound Design

The overall feel of the music will be mechanical and cold, while the music score reflects the fast pace and industrial environments of the game. Anything too organic and sweet will be absent in this game. It’s a cold, hard calculated world and it will have to sound like one.

Single-Player Game


The single-player portion of Upgrade revolves around you, Unit 07, trying to escape the underground facility and break for the surface. Throughout the single-player campaign you will be taken through the many aspects of the underground human facility, and in doing so take advantage of your ability to adapt to your environment through different upgrades.

Hours of Gameplay

The first play through of the game should satisfy the player for around 15 hours if they decide to 100% complete it, and around 12 hours for a casual playthrough. However, due to the diverse nature of the game, the player may want to replay certain stages using different upgrades that will ultimately provide a new gameplay experience. The replay value of the game is strong, and I hope that will provide more hours of play.

Victory Conditions

The main victory conditions are rather simple; destroy all the enemies and reach the exit of the stage.

Multi-Player Game


The multiplayer aspect of the game is surprisingly complex. Multiplayer takes the original concepts and gameplay of singleplayer, and twisting them into a competitive gamemode.

The teams will be 5 a team, and compete in an environment populated with the AI enemies from the single player game the. The teams will ultimately end up compete over the AI in an effort to gain upgrades, and prevent the enemy team from gaining access to those upgrades at the same time, whilst the AI continue to grow stronger in an effort to compete against the players. The victory is then awarded to the team who scores the most points by destroying enemies and other players. This should create an interesting dynamic.

Extra Miscellaneous Stuff

Idea 1: More controllable Units

I named Unit 07, 07 for a reason; it is the 7th of something, so it leaves an open opportunity to fill in the gap with other units; Unit 02, Unit 03 etc.

I initially wanted different parts of the game to be experienced with different Units that have different play styles, like a flying Unit or a shooting-focused Unit, but I felt that the player wouldn’t be able to settle into one specific play style well enough if it was too varied. So I devised the idea of one single Unit having a varied playstyle that could give the player choice.

I don’t want these ideas for new Units to be wasted though; I am considering how they could be incorporated into a multiplayer setting as powerups of some sort.


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